The German Railway Industry Association (VDB)

… unites the manufacturers of all products for the railway operation i.e. manufacturers of vehicles, control and safety technologies, infrastructure as well as the suppliers and service companies belonging to them under its roof.  more


Reformation of approval process: Federal Council of Germany enacts new regulation on alterations and modernisation of rail vehicles

The Federal Council of Germany enacted the 10th Regulation on the Modification of the Railway Law today. This regulation reorganises the handling of alterations and the modernisation of rail vehicles  ... more


Background & positions

VDB-Memo: Zukunft Lärmschutz - Gemeinsam für einen leisen Schienengüterverkehr.

Umrüstung vorantreiben - Innovationsbonus einführen - Anwohner entlasten - Schienengüterverkehr stärken Download (2.5 MB)